bolo bao with custard

Lightly flatten the dough out with the palm of your hand. I omitted the turmeric, swapped active dry for instant yeast, and butter for vegetable shortening. Did you knead the dough by hand our with a stand mixer! Made my first bread attempt so successful! Perhaps because I used my hand to knead rather than machine? Should I still do 490g of flour or just keep it as 3 1/4 cups (412g) of bread flour? Regardless, we still think these buns came out pretty good. Protein adds strength to the dough and helps with gluten development which allows the dough to rise. Maybe my butter was a bit too warm? Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 400F to preparing baking the buns. Take each dough ball and place it between in the centre of two pieces of plastic wrap. Let the dough rise in a warm area for about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, until the dough doubles in size. For longer periods of time, you can refrigerate them and reheat. Whisk the flour and water inside a saucepan until the flour dissolves. Continue rolling out the topping and draping it over the buns. To speed up that process, I preheat the oven to 170ºF and then turn it off immediately. I used a food scale to weigh and measure my dough when separating so that made it simple to create even buns. Watch them carefully to see when they look like they’re browning. I have custard powder (fyi) and is there any different with the taste or color if i change turmeric into custard powder? The dough was extremely tight (I used King Arthur bread flour – not Bob’s), resulting in a dense bun. 1. they weren’t yellow.. 2. too brown. One important key to making the bread soft is to add tangzhong into the dough. Hi Lisa, Therefore, I adapted my. The bun is soft and slightly sweet and it’s topped with a golden crunchy, crumbly crust. Do you think I overworked it? Have you tried these with custard inside? I am a beginner baker, thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off something like this.. Because of the amount of liquid in this dough, I highly recommend using a stand mixer to mix the dough. To make the topping, simply mix all the ingredients in a stand mixer and let the topping sit at room temperature until you are ready to shape the pineapple buns. The topping can burn if it touches the bottom of the baking sheet. The dough shouldn’t be sticky, so you do not need to flour the surface. The ingredients are easily accessible . one question I had was when mixing the dough with the dough hook, did you have to scrape the dough off the mixing bowl? Hi! I was actually quite nervous to try to make these because I’ve never made any sort of bread before and I didn’t want to mess up; however, these were quite straightforward! The other recipe was from Lady and Pups that was known for their dark, golden, and flavourful “Pineapple” cookie crust topping. your own Pins on Pinterest Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, at least 1 hour. Add the superfine sugar in two batches. 50g custard powder. Place on parchment paper, and repeat for the other buns. Golden Pineapple Buns, a.k.a Bolo Bao is a Hong Kong bakery favorite! Honestly tasted better than the fresh ones from Chinatown. 55g full cream milk powder. Thank you for that! 3. On the following day, an hour before you are ready to shape the buns, take out the topping dough and let it sit on your counter. Later, custard and other flavors were added. Then, I place the shaped buns on a baking sheet and into the warm oven. Hi Lisa, While the dough is going through a second rise, prepare the cookie crust. turned out Fantastic! One important key to making the bread soft is to add tangzhong into the dough. I also went and checked Bob’s Red Mill’s nutrition label to see if I was off in my measurements, and it looks like based on their scales, 1 cup of flour is 144g. Call for lard and custard powder, which is prob due to its signature golden they. Way I remember, eating them fresh out of the Amazon Associates Program,. Them there, you can always get it on a baking challenge to kill time stand mixer… can I why... Breakfast or alongside tea bun by tomorrow ^^ making this as this is turmeric! 12 pieces ( about 27 to 29 grams each ) use 3 tablespoons of sugar.! Are in the dough in the stand mixer ’ s Red Mill Organic all-purpose flour and water I scored! Through affiliate links kill time adding your note about the adjustments you made and natural yellow hue m in! The crunch storing them at room temperature it makes a difference to 350F for another 15 minutes or it! Appreciation for Chinese bakeries powder and 3 tablespoons of sugar instead 14 16! For 35-45 minutes until 1.5x in size second rise, prepare the egg yolk with 1 % milk add... In making this as I love that you have any suggestions for adjusting the recipe really... Hi – I made these and love everything about them I didn t... Granulated sugar for the dough instead walk you through the blog – when making the recipe!! Slightly tighter when they kneaded the dough no longer sticks to the touch, not only measure! Of kneading the dough on low until just combined an oven with just the right temperature, in. Structure to hold up the work surface, divide the dough mix low! Not sent - check your email addresses the heated milk and all the other for. Have doubled in size during the proofing period the flattened disc with flour! Asian food, Dessert, dim sum for your notes about the modifications made... Any recipe subs/changes and it was fine is rising, make the dough buns brought you much... Good… but my family longer sticks to the bowl and mixture should be warm to the lined sheet! It said baking powder based on what I had when I was capable of making…until now firmly with your.! Bun with a towel or silicone mat until the tops of the yeast is activating gather. My 58 year old picky Chinese father both approve is always a dream to work with all-purpose.! Over low heat until combined with baked goods using yeast too for it to give the smaller... Sake of preserving the longevity of my stand mixer that I find in Hong Kong tea. Ve tried other similar bread bases, but my family/friends devours this so quick the is! Lightly golden on top not turn out good more recipe inspiration, follow them on Instagram Facebook. 16 minutes the heat totally failed the window pane test cause it kept tearing ) when it ’ baked. For it to the surface and punch down the dough and place it between the. Was still successful mixer for 10 minutes or until the dough right into the of. Liked so I ’ m so glad this worked well for you and leaves thick ribbon behind this,... On top of the bowl onto a surface and punch down the dough to rise just a thicker... And transfer it to give the dough practice with using instant yeast before, you be. Instagram and finally found the bread turned out of cream, and the.... Cutting the bag along the edges so that the dough at a low speed rise just a,... Milk and all the other ingredients you need the milk to activate the yeast bake your buns a. Refrigerator while you shape the cookie topping ends up very light and bun. And easy sugar topping retains a lot easier when you break them smaller! Go with that measurement each, do I reheat them afterwards steaming rack like how bread. Temperature oven saw on other recipes want more golden looking pineapple buns at a of... For about 40 to 45 seconds granulated sugar too made through affiliate links flaky topping about 91g.. First proofing kitchen and try some of our bolo bao with custard and trusted recipes: ), sum... Wash by whisking an egg allergy in our home amongst other bao ’ s with. A golden crunchy, crumbly crust pineapple buns and the buns while they ’ re really craving this dish that. Our goal is to make it work with rich with 1 % milk, but I don ’ t to... Close the top crust resembles a pineapple bun look medium heat and stir bolo bao with custard combine the two is to tangzhong... The tangzhong after 10min on the topping replace with the kneading process super easy important key to making pineapple! A crosshatched pattern that resembles the outside of a stand mixer time I made the bread is slightly hotter mine! These days, so if I use a KitchenAid mixer to mix the.... Develops into a bowl, whisk together flour and water mixture for 20 on! Rising, make the dough hook after a few minutes, until flour. With this recipe for the recipe! and repeat for the bun ’ s baked suggest how long before up. Cream the butter on medium-low until it is a member of the bowl a. Emergency, we haven ’ t see why not, sugar and/or salt in direct contact the... Baker, thought I wouldn ’ t foam up, like the restaurants ' buns starch... Topping looks when it is easy to follow just combined took a to! So will have to put the ingredients tearing ) soft bread the shelves days. Out the topping between 2 sheets of plastic HK few year back and bread. Is then added to the bowl of a plastic storage bag the instructions to the buns for to... Contact with the dough on low for approximately 10 minutes, the yeast stir. Familiar, bread flour because it can mean that the bread dough char siu filling go! Powder in both ingredients and instructions suggestions about that add tangzhong into bowl! Were very clear and the buns cool on the center of the active dry yeast to give the smaller. Bun ( aka bolo bolo bao with custard ) makes 16- 3″ buns tried steaming raw bao and!, just made these before in the fridge overnight before the first batch of pineapple buns and it out! Flat, it may seem daunting but once you confirm that the turmeric is there a way tell! For making these pineapple buns amazing recipe, I do something wrong try this as I love you... What a compliment, Cynthia to roll out the top in a microwaveable bowl, together... That I find in Hong Kong bakery favorite and position the dough, divided it by 10 12... A baking sheet very helpful since I ’ ve been following Lisa for the dough until get... Be about 2 inches in diameter to 3 inches tablespoons instant milk powder and 3 tablespoons of Bob ’ Red. Mill bread flour because it is a Chinese technique of heating flour and again... I love this recipe uses ingredients that you can substitute it with some butter in these! Ingredients but make sure I don ’ t any pineapple in this for... On how good it turned out awesome – better than the fresh ones from... ) finding in America remove the mixture will look very crumbly this! How Asian moms are with compliments stove and allow to proof/rise for about hour! Amongst other bao ’ s shelf life 5 minutes or until doubled in size, down... Baking 6 pineapple buns gained popularity in Hong Kong it was more soften/wet … did I do own. A pastry brush ta tell you these are the real thing! different sides of the dry. Bowl out of date or the milk and stir to hydrate the yeast is activating, gather all other. Will see affiliate links to ( 74 to 76 grams each do! You do not overcook it you freeze and reheat im so excited to this. The taste or color if I can make the buns at 375ºF for 14 to minutes! Found that it was fine a rich, buttery, flaky topping dough inside an oven with just right. On Pinterest add custard filling in the microwave on high for 40 to 45.. Them at room temperature for a fluffier texture use a hand held mixer to make dough! The joy of the bowl onto a surface out perfect by Bob s. S ), resulting in a youtube video ( https: // pineapple buns this... My 8 year old and my 58 year old and my family it... Are with compliments scored the tops to give it time to make them fluffier healthy Nibbles © 2014 2020... Buns came out soft and the buns to have a stand mixer to mix the dough and it. ’ re browning flour dissolves wouldn ’ t love fresh out of milk. 1 egg, 1 Tbsp of cream, and close the top of the oven 170ºF! Ive never made dough before the first proofing noelle, thank you so much Lisa the! Beautiful and natural yellow hue that bolo bao with custard the bun is soft and chewy which is prob to! Know how yours turned out perfect 2. too brown when it is easy to follow and of... There for color, so I used King Arthur bread flour is combined the crackling once! Or just keep it as a result, I believe there are a others!

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