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Cars are fitted with little chemical reactors to clean the exhaust gases. Also known as “diesel car city driving”, you want to … I’m sure you can already guess what happens to moving parts that are subjected to diesel exhaust fumes. I know it’s expensive and seems like an overkill, but if you run out of luck, a swallowed swirl flap can damage the engine so badly that it wouldn’t make financial sense to repair it. If the DPF is removed, the car’s ECU needs to be reprogrammed to stop dumping fuel into the exhaust system. It is one of the reasons why diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines. Soon after, direct injection technology was developed. Not to many around with the Diesel engine, here is a gorgeous one owner, no accidents really really clean GLK 250 AWD , comes very well equipped with panoramic sunroof, heated leather seats, winter and summer rims and tires, power seats, power tail gate, summer and winter matts, three key, manual and so much more. The first-generation directly injected diesel engines were quite good too, albeit a lot more complex and more expensive to maintain. Welcome to the space age. Apart from soot, diesel engines emit high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) due to the lean-burning nature of diesel combustion. A traditional single-mass flywheel is a solid piece of metal that relies on its inertia to smooth out engine’s power delivery. It’s a different story in diesel cars. Diesel fuel is injected into the engine cylinders, and it is ignited by the high temperature generated through compression. The advantage of the FAP is that it handles city driving better than a typical DPF because it can regenerate at lower temperatures. However, success comes at a price in this case. In 2009 the "Euro 5" emissions standard was introduced by the European Union. Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel one year tax only £30 low mileage 12 moths mot 2 keys service book clean inside and out cheap on tax and insurance no problem at all good condition 07478824889 Year 2002 Mileage … In a way, actively regenerating the DPF is like bombing for peace (or f***ing for virginity). If you drive well below the average mileage each year, then although the car may be above average at purchase, it could be considered below average at sale. However, it is also illegal in the UK and probably in most other countries. One of the key components that makes diesel cars unsuitable for city driving is the diesel particulate filter. In general, we think that low-mile used cars are a great decision, even if mileage seems unusually low. The EGR in petrol cars is a good thing. They are used to increase turbulence in the air entering the engine cylinders in order to improve mixing of the air with the injected fuel. Essentially, petrol engines are constrained by the air-fuel ratio without employing clever injection strategies in direct-injection engines. Some of these components have relatively short lifespans, which is the source of the high maintenance cost of diesel engines. They are happy to run on very lean mixtures, which is great for efficiency. As for diesel engines, their advantage is that they don’t need throttle plates to control the air-fuel ratio, hence the pumping losses are reduced. Peugeot 3008 Exclusive Diesel Automatic 5 Door Pan Roof wooo. However, when they are designed well, they aren’t as problematic. However, it is a permanent fix that has a minimal impact on the engine performance. I will explain in a moment. Basically, if you drive your diesel car primarily on the motorways, you should have no problems with the diesel particulate filter. See 29,076 results for Diesel cars with low mileage for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest car starting from £123. Your email address will not be published. The DPF filters pollutants through small fibres within the housing. The first major change that Euro emission standards introduced was mandating the use of catalytic converters in petrol cars since 1993. Also, some cars were already fitted with SCR systems, which were used as an alternative to NOx traps. The other major improvement in diesel injector technology is the ability of piezoelectric and solenoid injectors to deliver multiple injections per combustion cycle. Another reason for better diesel efficiency is the lack of throttling losses. They are typical expectations for an average car that is used for a mixture of urban and motorway driving. Its job is to smooth out the jerky nature of the engine’s power delivery. Diesel particulate filters are used to reduce the amount of particulate matter (black smoke) emitted by diesel cars, and the main problem with them is that they are unsuitable for city driving. Are there any small changes to my driving, like doing a 50-mile trip each weekend, that would make this work for me? New fuel injectors typically cost between £200 and £300 per piece. They are not set in stone. The side effect of higher injection pressure and multiple-injection strategy is shorter fuel injector lifespan and lack of tolerance to poor fuel quality. There are three types of DPF regeneration cycles: This type of regeneration happens when the exhaust temperature is high enough, i.e. The key part of the system is the EGR valve. Low Mileage Reason in Brand New Car. Swirl flaps live in the air intake manifold. Historic MG marque pitched as affordable electric car brand, Driving in bad weather - what you need to know. Adding too much fuel means that the engine is running rich, which is inefficient because there isn’t enough air to completely burn all the fuel. By following this logic: Will an injector that fires 8 times per combustion cycle have a 4 times shorter lifespan than an injector that fires 2 times per cycle? Burning fuel inside an engine is a chemical reaction and the ingredients for optimal combustion are 14.7 grams of air and 1 gram of petrol. Modern injection technology is an impressive feat of engineering and its benefits are very easy to notice. Short trips or start-stop driving does not allow the exhaust temperature to get high enough to initiate passive regeneration. Then, the emission limits started becoming tighter. Here’s what forced regeneration looks like: It’s worth mentioning that there is a variant of the diesel particulate filter that uses an additive, called Eolys fluid, which can lower the temperature required to burn off the particulate matter. Now, if you plan to keep the car for a few years and you’re not very lucky, you may need to replace all the components I mentioned in this article within the few years of owning the car. It also makes the engine reach operating temperature quicker (hot exhaust fumes returning to the engine). Here’s how to control a diesel engine: That’s pretty much it. The original diesel particulate filter is there too, but if you’re not interested in cars, you probably didn’t even know about it (you will after reading this article!). Don't buy diesels for low mileage or inner city life. Pilot injections lower the rate of pressure increase when the fuel combusts in the engine cylinders. Time will tell how reliable the SCR systems are and how long they will last. As you can see, it’s very important to know what to expect maintenance-wise when you buy a used diesel car. At full throttle, the EGR valve closes and no exhaust fumes are returned to the engine. However, problems often start when the car approaches the 150,000 miles mark. Low-mileage, young used cars are usually a bad deal because they haven’t depreciated enough. An EGR valve that doesn’t fully close will reduce power and increase fuel consumption. Exhaust gases get recirculated back to the engine. In others, you may get 150,000 miles out of the EGR valve (but probably not much more than that). The diesel particulate filter (DPF) on modern diesels, which traps soot particles in the exhaust, would also be a problem for you. This should prolong the EGR valve life expectancy noticeably. The total cost of all this stuff would be close to £3500 using the average prices. Low mileage diesel drivers may be wasting their money. A 2500 bar fuel injector will throw a hissing fit very quickly when fed anything else than good quality, perfectly clean diesel fuel. In other words, the combustion moves closer to “burning” and further away from “exploding”, which makes the engine sound smoother and quieter. Keep in mind that 100,000 miles is a very rough estimate. One could say that modern diesel engines are crippled by the emissions control devices. A 125 bar fuel injector can happily run on almost anything, including used cooking oil (free driving for chippy owners). This means key car components can expect to enjoy a longer life, as dependin… Modern, Common Rail injectors can deliver fuel at 2500 bar, which is 20 times more than what was typical for diesel cars of the 1990s. The problem with city driving is that you will almost never drive for 15 minutes without stopping and waiting at some traffic lights, which may interrupt the DPF regen (it depends on the car and the length/frequency of the stops). So, in order to avoid expensive repair and replacement costs, people need to be mindful of the orange warning light that comes on on the dashboard when the DPF is clogging. Feeding a solvent into the combustion chamber works against the oil film that prevents pistons and cylinders from wearing. Ford Aspire. To add insult to injury, a problem with the EGR may cause issues with the diesel particulate filter. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Because of the dirty nature of combustion engines, most countries impose emission limits that the car manufacturers need to meet. Summary All of the above suggests that buying a diesel car for mainly city driving is not a great idea. An example of unnecessary car maintenance for the low-mileage driver is changing the engine oil too often. This is also the reason why manufacturers keep increasing the fuel injection pressures to ridiculous levels in order to make the fuel mix better with the air. The soot storage capacity is limited. Today, we’ve got fuel injection systems that run at pressures high enough to cut through things. If the car model you are looking to buy is fitted with “high risk” swirl flaps, you should take some precautions, like replacing the intake manifold with a new one. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Car with a N57N engine and very low mileage This time (for now/yet) I have no right to make public VIN of the current car, although it is known to me. From that moment on, car manufacturers have been increasing injection pressures and reducing the diameters of the orifices in the fuel injector tips. Carbon build-up is a side-effect of feeding exhaust gases back into the engine (EGR valve). They close at idle and low engine speeds to create a swirl in the air going into the cylinders. The typical diesel knock and emissions are reduced by spreading the injections into stages (pilot injections, main injections, post-injections). On a final note about compression, forced induction (turbocharging and supercharging) increases the effective compression ratio. When you step on the gas, the EGR valve should close, as long as it’s not stuck. Keep in mind that this option is illegal because it increases emissions. However, I don’t recommend doing a solid flywheel conversion without doing some research beforehand. Explore Diesel cars for sale as well! As a result, these areas of high fuel concentration don’t burn cleanly. Then there is the NOx removal system. Therefore, forced induction engines tend to have lower static compression ratios (graph above) but their effective compression ratios are higher as a result of forcing the air into the engine under pressure. The price above is what independent car repair shop will charge you. Car reliability survey for the sample to be split between petrol and diesel cars, and it's the unleaded models that have taken seventh spot in the most reliable list. I'd like to buy a diesel BMW X3 2.0 but most of my journeys are short. This has led to some motoring experts warning low mileage or mainly urban drivers that they should not to be tempted away from petrol cars by better diesel fuel economy figures. Every now and again the soot must be burnt off to prevent filter blockage, and the DPF has to get very hot to do this. At partial loads (partially depressed gas pedal), the throttle plate is only half open to reduce the amount of air entering the engine. Yet, car manufacturers grab every advantage to get their cars through emissions testing. There were no airflow meters, intake temperature sensors, swirl flaps, electric fuel pumps, fuel rail pressure sensors, fuel pressure regulating valves, oxygen sensors, diesel particulate filters, Eolys & AdBlue fluids, double catalytic converters (DOC & SCR), camshaft position sensors, accelerator pedal position sensors, electronic control units, dual-mass flywheels and active motor mounts (all said in one breath!). I’m dead serious about swirl flaps being dangerous to the engine. Problems with the EGR valve, injectors or driving with a faulty thermostat will reduce the DPF lifespan. Its function is to feed the exhaust gases back into the engine to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. Therefore, the fuel doesn’t have the time to mix with the air very well, which creates areas of rich air-fuel mixture. Food for thought – let me know what you think in the comments section! It is called “Filtre à Particules” in French or simply FAP. Have a look in the car directory on this site. To meet the emission requirements a DPF was necessary for diesel engines. Diesel engines have higher compression ratios as compared to petrol engines because it is necessary to initiate combustion. Buying a high-mileage diesel car, even when maintained properly, can be a bit of a gamble. Euro 5 (new cars registered from 1 January 2011) – the use of diesel particulate filters became mandatory. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The flaps are operated by an actuator (vacuum actuator or electric motor). This variant of the DPF is used by the French PSA Group (car brands: Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall/Opel since 2017). Piezoelectric fuel injectors have crystals inside that change shape to fire the injector. Buying a diesel car with a DPF for urban driving is a false economy. Low mileage cars do rust. The need for regular regeneration cycles is precisely why particulate filters are a terrible idea in cars that are driven in cities. Changing the DPF isn’t difficult or time-consuming, just the particulate filter itself can be quite expensive. hello stw.. please share your knowledge with me as i have many differing opinions from my colleauges.. Urban driving is usually the problem. This is when comparing engines that are equivalent in terms of power output. Euro 4 (new cars registered from 1 January 2006) – 2006 marks the widespread appearance of diesel particulate filters as only some diesel cars could meet the Euro 4 standards without a DPF due to a tightened limit on particle emissions. Back in the 1990s, diesel fuel injectors were simple, spring-loaded devices that would deliver a spray of fuel when the pressure inside the injector rose high enough to overcome the force of the spring. The engine computer will raise exhaust temperature by altering engine timing and fuel injection quantity. These emission standards became so stringent that getting diesel engines to pass has become very difficult and requires many engineering workarounds. Here is a list of 16 best mileage cars available in India in the price range of Rs. Because of this, the internal parts of a diesel engine tend to last longer. You would be surprised how much sludge and carbon gets deposited in the air intake manifold due to EGR action. This includes the cost of a new clutch since it’s worth doing it at the same time to avoid paying for the same work in the future. A swirl flap may become detached and get ingested by the engine. The rest of the improvement in diesel fuel economy mainly comes from the fact that a litre of diesel fuel stores 12% more energy than a litre of petrol. If you always drive a petrol car with the pedal to the metal, you are doing it right! Another model from the Volkswagen Auto Group shows up here in the form of the Audi A3, and it bears the same 2.0-liter,… This creates a vacuum in the intake manifold because the engine is trying to suck in more air than it is allowed to. js.src = 'https://stillrunningstrong.com/wp-content/cache/busting/facebook-tracking/fbsdk-en_GB.js#xfbml=1&version=v3.2'; European emission standards are in play since 1993 and they are responsible for a massive reduction in emissions (over 90% for some pollutants), which is a huge success. Also, turning the engine off during a regeneration cycle is a bad thing. In diesel cars, they are notoriously unreliable and may be dangerous to the engine. Look for higher mileage, well-made used cars with excellent longevity ratings. Also, reconditioned fuel injectors won’t last as long as new ones. On the other hand, some cars run perfectly fine with solid flywheels with a minimal difference in the level of noise and vibrations.

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