who would win a bear or a gorilla

Most Bears are found in Russia. Bear wouldn't be able to swipe the gorilla because of the gorilla's speed. A gorilla would only throw stones or sticks, and punch its chests to frighten off the bear. A silverback gorilla and a grizzly bear have their abilities and strengths in their own unique way; both are different and are remarkable in their own ways. Also even if a gorilla does climb a tree in the duration of the fight, a grizzly would follow it, “grizzly’s cant climb a tree” is a huge misconception. Now, you can say who will win the fight after looking at all the characteristics. Grizzly, Kodiak or Polar bear....no way a gorilla would win. They are about evenly matched in strength, but with the claws and teeth of the bear, it would win. But the bear does have two advantages - teeth and claws. In the end, it would be the Polar Bear that would win. More often than not, the grizzly bear would conquer the battle. Granted, gorillas have teeth, but their mouth is less suited to do damage, and they don't have anything that compares to the bear's claws. 5 Serious Health Issues In Dogs That Often Go Ignored, 7 Differences Between a Hamster and a Guinea Pig. They are listed as an endangered species, which is because of poaching and habitat loss due to activities such as illegal mining. Grizzly bear jaws could fit very nicely around the skull of a gorilla. As mentioned earlier, stronger and bigger animals generally win, so with the above-given statistics, we know what the outcome of the fight already is, but it won’t be a one-hit win. Grizzly bear would win. They are extremely powerful, but they aren't that big. Adult males are called silverbacks because of a saddle of grey or silver-colored hair that develops on their backs with age. 0 0. In such a scenario, things may go differently. They are found in central Africa. These are Virunga volcano ranges; some are dormant while some are not: Karisimbi, Mikeno, Visoke. Home > Gorilla vs Lion: Is It True a Gorilla Would Win a Fight Against a Lion? The two animals seem fairly evenly matched, but at the same time they have very different skill-sets. The muscle to size ratio of the creature. Are you really interested in knowing the exciting facts about the grizzly bear? Their populations are found in Alaska, Western Canada, Northwest United States (Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming), and as far as Yellow Stone National Park. Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear: who would prove to be a better contender? Grizzles are also far more predatory than gorillas and often have to deal with fighting off wolves and mountain lions for kills. They have sharp nails and strong and powerful upper limbs. But it would not be a 2 hit fight. The grizzly bears located inland are smaller in size in comparison to the grizzlies located on coasts. You can now easily predict who will win the battle. In this article, we shall pit them against one another in a fight and compare their strengths to know who will win, one-on-one. A gorilla would only throw stones or sticks, and punch its chests to frighten off the bear. Mountain gorillas only survive in two alpine rainforests in the heart of Africa. It would just claw the gorilla and a deadly bite. The height of a male mountain gorilla standing erect would be 150cm, whereas females would stand at 130 cm. If you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight — a grizzly bear or gorilla — one expert from Yellowstone National Park advises betting on the grizzly. Lv 6. Pin on Lion vs Gorilla - Which Animal Would Win! On one side we have the Gorilla which is herbivorous. Plus the bear can run much faster than the Gorilla, so if the Gorilla … ? A bear, which can be twice a gorillas size. Grizzly bears way around 600 lbs. Bigger number wins. In the jungle, the gorilla's natural habitat, the gorilla would have the upper edge. They stand their ground and attack when threatened, surprised, or if the female has cubs but usually avoids contact with humans. Coming on to the results, let me tell you that grizzly bear will win the fight if all the conditions are perfect or as mentioned in this article. Learn more. Yea a polar bear would rip a gorilla… So the gorilla tries to get around the grizzly, which proves pretty tough. But I am now ashamed of my naïvety. EDIT: The average gorilla is 6-15x as strong as a human. Male grizzly bears often engage in battles with each other, especially in the duration of mating season. Male lowland gorilla = shy of 400 pounds and about 6x stronger than a man. Can you guess what it is? read more A scenario that I have had in my mind for years popped up as I was watching it: a fight between a Silverback gorilla and a Grizzly or a Polar Bear. So a grizzly bear has the definite weight advantage. Another population is found in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park. So … Gorillas that have been bit by crocodiles have bashed the croc's skull in to free themselves from those devastating jaws. bear vs gorilla, the bear is a carivore and is way heavier than a gorilla, but if these 2 animals have same weight who would win? The only thing that would give the gorilla a chance would be if there were lots of trees around so that it could strike and retreat to safety.

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