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However, it comes with a bonus: it also can help with SEO!That said, the highest and best purpose for creating alt text is to improve the accessibility of your digital content. E come puoi usarli per migliorare la SEO e l’esperienza utente? Lo stesso succede per immagini generiche o di stock come questa: Avere un alt text che legge “vasca e candela” non è utile ai visitatori ipovedenti perché è un’informazione che non hanno bisogno di conoscere. Dovresti ottimizzare anche i nomi dei file, fornire immagini responsive, considerare il lazy loading, e molto altro. Alt text (testo alternativo) descrive un'immagine in una pagina web. This is no coincidence because Google places a relatively high value on alt text to determine not only what is on the image but also how it relates to the surrounding text. (I know these days Google is very smart and their engine has started understanding images.) It is used when the image in the Web page cannot be displayed, in which case the Alt text is shown instead. Sarebbe meglio fare in modo che il lettore di schermo la ignorasse completamente. It would be better to have the screen reader ignore it completely. Assicuriamoci di aver capito cosa funziona e cosa no con alcuni esempi. Images without alt text cause problems for screen readers because there’s no way to communicate the content of the image to the user. Millions of people are visually-impaired, and many use screen readers to consume online content. Quanto traffico fa un sito? Alt text can help improve your site's SEO performance by adding further relevancy signals to a web page and help Google better understand the contents of an image and help it rank. Image SEO alt text and title text optimization This article is a deep dive on HTML tags and attributes optimization for image SEO . “steak. This means there’s an opportunity to drive traffic from Google Images. Google talks about the importance of alt text for users with screen readers in their SEO starter guide. If the alt attribute is missing, you’ll see a warning. Offerto da Ahrefs , un set di strumenti di marketing data-driven basato su un enorme volume di backlink, parole chiave e contenuti Perché a volte, il contesto è ‘racchiuso’ in immagini che Google non riesce a leggere. If you are lazy or are looking for efficiency we invite you to have a look at Image SEO WordPress Plugin . Siccome molti siti web hanno il grosso del loro traffico solamente in poche pagine, non dovrebbe richiedere molto tempo. Alt text matters for search engine optimization because it provides more detail and description to your website. E’ responsabile del 20,45% di tutte le ricerche online, posizionandosi sopra YouTube, Bing, e gli altri motori di ricerca combinati. Alt text non è una cosa difficile. Aggiungi semplicemente un attributo alt al tag , “steak. Ma non tutti i collegamenti sono testuali; alcuni sono immagini. Read our article below for ranking tips and advice on good SEO This includes screen readers Di solito, tralasciano queste immagini, o peggio, leggono un lungo ed inutile nome del file dell’immagine. Questo significa che ci sono delle opportunità per avere del traffico da Google Immagini. Molti strumenti sono in grado di scansionare il tuo sito web e trovare attributi alt mancanti, incluso Site Audit di Ahrefs. Ottimizzare gli alt text è importante, ma non è l’inizio-e-la-fine-di-tutto per la SEO delle immagini. 125 characters) but descriptive. To do so, employ certain website features that optimize your images without compromising their resolution. They’re decorative, which means we’d want a screen reader to pass right over them. If you do decide to use an image as a link, filling out its alt text helps Google understand more about the page you’re linking to. …mentre non si può dire lo stesso per questa pagina di The Mirror: Ripeti questo processo per le pagine più visitate del tuo sito web. Wondering how alt text on images can improve your search engine optimisation. Milioni di persone sono ipovedenti, e molte di loro usano dei lettori dello schermo per consultare i contenuti online. For example, some websites have icons to separate content: These are only there to look pretty, so you shouldn’t add alt text. For example, just ten posts on the Ahrefs blog account for 51% of monthly organic traffic…. But not all links are text; some are images. The actual search traffic (as reported in Google Analytics) is usually 3-5 times bigger. Con anchor text ci riferiamo alle parole cliccabili che collegano una pagina web all’altra. Se un’immagine non ha bisogno di alt text, la best practice da seguire è aggiungere un alt text vuoto. Google le utilizza per capire di più sulla pagina web e di cosa tratta. This is good practice, especially for images on e‑commerce product pages. Google uses alt text along with computer vision algorithms and the contents … You’ll soon get a feel for whether they’re optimized well, poorly, or not at all. The text for this attribute should not be excessively long. Alt text. Quindi, invece di scansionare il tuo sito web ed andare ossessivamente su ogni attributo alt mancante (molti siti web ne hanno molti mancanti), un’idea migliore è revisionare e migliorare gli alt tag delle pagine che stanno avendo traffico. Alt text is just a way to describe what is going on in the image while actively increasing your ranking through smart, thoughtful placement of SEO keywords. But so many get this wrong, and you wouldn't have to look too far to find a page where all of the images use the same alt text – an exact match of a page's main target keyword. Dovresti avere un senso di comprensione se l’ottimizzazione dei tuoi alt text è buona o c’è bisogno di lavoro. This ALT description is an essential part of the data set you can optimize (for SEO) when creating a blog and uploading photos as you can see by my quick “madwhips porsche” google image search below which is delivering all the results where I have put “madwhips porsche” in the ALT … Unfortunately, the ALT attribute is a critical step that is often overlooked. Find out more here. As a general rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google. Bad: “picture Okay: “cheesecake” Good: “strawberry Best: “strawberry, Bad: “steve Okay: “steve Good: “apple Best: “apple, Bad: “image4" Okay: “orange Good: “orange Best: “orange. Dovresti vedere l’alt text mostrato appena passi sopra ad un’immagine. You should also optimize filenames, serve responsive images, consider lazy loading, and much more. is to describe images to visitors who are unable to see them. Cosa Sono i Tag YouTube e Quali Dovresti Aggiungere? For SEOs, alt attributes serve as another opportunity to drive organic traffic to a targeted webpage through keyword strategy. Let’s make sure we understand what works and what doesn’t with a few examples. Just look at the number of clicks we’ve had to the Ahrefs Blog from Google Images in the past three months: Google’s John Mueller says that alt text is an important part of optimizing for Google Images: Alt text is extremely helpful for Google Images — if you want your images to rank there. Google uses it to understand more about the web page and what it’s about. It will also provide SEO benefits to images by implementing titles for the images. What Is Alt Text (And Why It’s Important for SEO) You may know it as ‘alt text’, ‘alt tags’, ‘alt attributes’, or ‘alt descriptions’, but all of these terms refer to the same thing. Guarda solamente il numero di click che abbiamo avuto per il blog di Ahrefs da Google Immagini negli ultimi 3 mesi: John Mueller di Google dice che gli alt text sono una parte importante nell’ottimizzazione per Google Immagini: Alt text is extremely helpful for Google Images — if you want your images to rank there. So, rather than crawling your site and obsessing over every missing alt attribute (most sites have quite a lot of missing ones), a better idea is to audit and improve alt tags for pages that already get traffic. ALT text (also called 'ALT descriptions' and 'ALT tags') improves the user experience on your website and allows search engines to crawl your web pages effectively. Per esempio, se la pagina menziona barboncini, labrador e retriever, allora Google capisce che riguarda le razze canine. Because most websites get the bulk of their traffic to just a handful of pages, this shouldn’t take too long. For example, take a look at these missing alt attributes: It’s clear from the filenames that they don’t need alt text. Along with implementing image title and file naming best practices, including alt attribute will also contribute to image SEO. Alt text, which stands for alternative text, is the “alt” attribute on an HTML , or other element. Check Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or the “Top pages” report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. We are going to look at ways you can improve your image alt text while keeping your content search engine friendly. Anchor text refers to the clickable words that link one webpage to another. Check the alt text for a few images on the page. Alt text (alternative text) describes an image on a web page. Ma cosa c’è di importante da sapere sull’alt text? What even is it? These work by converting on-screen content, including images, to audio. When the browser can’t load a graphic, it displays the alt text in the image container instead. Controlla l’alt text per alcune immagini nella pagina. Alt text is an important part of image optimization for on-page SEO. E’ presente nel codice HTML e non è visibile nella pagina, ma è importante per la SEO. Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. Se lo fai sarebbe solo un fastidio per i visitatori con lettore di schermo, e non aggiungerebbe alcun “valore SEO” alla pagina. Scopri di più nella nostra lista di 12 consigli pratici di SEO per immagini. This can at… Adding ALT Text to Images: In Operating on this information alone, people new to SEO often fall into the same pitfalls, writing image descriptions that fail … Head of Content @ Ahrefs (o, in parole povere, sono la persona che fa sì che ogni articolo pubblicato sul nostro blog sia EPICO). For example, in WordPress, there’s a field for alt text when adding an image to a page or post: Here are instructions for some of the most popular ones: If the image exists for decorative purposes and doesn’t carry important information, then there’s no need to add alt text. Cos’è l’alt text? Ma avere degli alt text mancanti non è sempre un problema perché non tutte le immagini richiedono un alt text.”>. Segui questi 5 consigli, ed avrai fatto un buon lavoro. Google Images is the world’s second-largest search engine. Google Immagini è il secondo motore di ricerca al mondo per dimensione. Altrimenti, i lettori di schermo potrebbero saltarli ed alcuni visitatori non saranno in grado di interagire con il tuo sito web. Otherwise, screen readers might pass over them and some visitors won’t be able to interact with your website. This way it’s helpful for SEO but doesn’t leave a reader clueless if they’re relying on your description. Google’s article about images has a heading “Use descriptive alt text”. If an image doesn’t require alt text, best practice is to add an empty alt attribute. Note the inclusion of the model number in that final example. If user has disabled the graphics support function in the browser, then the contents of the tag will be displayed instead of the picture. But having missing alt text isn’t always an issue because not all images require alt text. I'll teach you everything you need to know about Image ALT text including how to write them. 14 June 2020 Home >> SEO Terms >> Image ALT Text for SEO . However, there are additional ways you can use images to improve your website’s SEO. Alt Text SEO Dos and Don’ts The basic advice you’ll receive on writing alt text is to use natural language, and to describe what’s in the picture. As I have already said, the purpose of alt text is to describe an image to a visually impaired user. Keyword stuffing was a common tactic in the early days of SEO, and originally the image alt text field served as just another place to shove in as many keywords as possible to improve rankings. Per esempio, servono solo alcuni secondi di scorrimento di questo articolo per vedere che tutte le immagini sono ben ottimizzate…. Alt text is essential for creating accessible content. Male: “foto, Okay: “cheesecake”, Buono: “cheesecake, Ottimo: “cheesecake, Male: “steve, Okay: “steve, Buono: “steve, Ottimo: “steve, Male: “immagine4”, Okay: “amplificatore, Buono: “amplificatore, Ottimo: “orange. Having a well-crafted alt text makes sure your images are properly accounted for in Google’s crawl and prominently placed in search engine results. Ad esempio, guarda questi attributi alt mancanti: E’ chiaro già dal nome del file che non c’è bisogno dell’alt text. … whereas the same isn’t true for this page on The Mirror: Repeat this process for the most visited pages on your website. Alternate text (Alt text) is a text description that can be added to an image’s HTML tag on a Web page. Nota l’inclusione del numero di modello nell’esempio finale. Alt text also provides an opportunity to add the target keyword. An additional benefit is that it provides a semantic description of images for search engines. But what’s so important about alt text? Alt Text is incredibly valuable for SEO purposes for one big reason—without Alt Text, your images have no effect on your SEO ranking. This guide will teach you exactly how to use alt text to optimize all your images. Even if you use lazy-loading, you know which image will be loaded, so get that information in there as early as possible & test what it renders as. Images without alt text cause problems for screen readers because there’s no way to communicate the content of the image to the user. …quindi siamo in grado di analizzare facilmente e di ottimizzare gli alt text delle nostre pagine con alto traffico nel giro di qualche minuto. if the image had an error loading or if the reader is visually impaired and using a screen reader. Optimizing alt text is important, but it’s not the be-and-end-all of image SEO. Simply add an alt attribute to the tag in the HTML code. It’s responsible for 20.45% of all online searches, putting it ahead of YouTube, Bing, and other search engines combined. Usually, they skip over these images, or worse, read out long and unhelpful image filenames. Alt text is a part of the on-page SEO tactic and is helpful when it comes to accessibility. Sono decorative, il che significa che desideriamo che il lettore di schermo le schivi. Funzionano convertendo il contenuto dello schermo, incluse le immagini, in audio. Alt Text for SEO. L’uso dell’alt text aiuta Google a capire queste immagini, e comporta una comprensione migliore della tua pagina e del suo contenuto. Using alt text (or Alt attribute) on your images can make for a better user experience, but it may also help earn you both explicit and implicit SEO benefits. Ad esempio, in WordPress, c’è un campo per alt text quando si aggiunge una immagine ad una pagina o articolo: Ecco le istruzioni per alcuni dei più famosi: Se l’immagine serve per scopi decorativi e non ha con sé importanti informazioni,allora non c’è bisogno di aggiungere alt text. Your ALT text shouldn’t be a string of keywords, or not describe the image at all. Questo perché molti lettori di schermo leggono il nome del file in assenza di un attributo alt, considerando che molti salteranno quelle con attributo vuoto. Image alt texts are really important as it improves the accessibility of the contents, improves topical relevance and serves as anchor text for image links. Imagine that you’re writing anchor text for a text link. Alt text in images helps in contributing to images SEO & they can become more user friendly. A. You should see the alt text displayed whenever you roll over an image. Alt text is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in SEO articles and audit recommendations, but many are still unclear about its relevance or how to implement it in a beneficial way. Follow these five best practices, and you should be good. The number of times this article was shared on Twitter. Well, Google cares and for SEO, that is pretty much all you need to know. Alt text or alternative text describes an image on a web page with the audio. For example, if the page mentions poodles, labradors, and retrievers, then Google knows it’s about dog breeds. Gli alt text sono importanti principalmente per 4 motivi. It can help to put your keyword phrase near the beginning and then go into a description of your image. Image ALT Text for SEO. Google looks at the words on a page to understand what it’s about. Alt text (text that describes an image) improves accessibility for people who can’t see images on web pages, including users who use screen readers or have low-bandwidth connections. Search Engines don’t understand images easily. Le immagini senza l’alt text causano dei problemi ai lettori di schermo perché non c’è modo per loro di comunicare il contenuto dell’immagine all’utente. Who cares? This makes your website more attractive to visitors, making them more likely to return or stay on it longer. Se stai utilizzando un CMS moderno, dovrebbe essere possibile aggiungere l’alt text senza dover andare nel codice HTML. Per esempio, solamente 10 articoli del blog di Ahrefs sono responsabili del 51% del traffico organico mensile…. Alternative text, often just called "alt text," is an HTML attribute added to image tags to provide a description of the image: Project Source 4-light Vanity Bar, Artisan Belgian Bread, Anthropologie New In, Dynamic Programming Problems, Moen 2 Handle Bathroom Faucet Repair, Obc Population In Assam 2011, Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Car Seats, How To Rename A Slide In Powerpoint 2016, French Sardine Sandwich, Louisville Ladder 8 Ft, 7 Foot Ladder Menards, Bradford White Re340t6-1ncww Manual, Shims Home Depot, Rebel's Cairn Walkthrough, Cân Mi Body Composition Scale 2,