benelli m4 clone

One of the big benefits from a tactical perspective is that if you reload the gun and run the side saddle dry, you can rip the card off and toss another on. The Benelli M4 came with an improved choke that was causing all sorts of chaos with a lot of my buckshot loads. Admittedly, that’s a sweet Benelli, and owners now have a seven-round tube option to replace that foul stock five-rounder. Two bolts go under the mount, and two go through it. The Copolla T4’s enlarged trigger guard is a plus and may be important to some users, especially those living in colder climates who wear gloves much of the year. If you truly need it, and you don’t have viable non-Chinese options, then you don’t have the kind of consumer choice he’s talking about. I agree $895 is pricey for this Turkish delight. The only affordable made in the USA option for o/u is to find a used Ruger red label. That’s why the three options are good to have. That extra padding is comfortable and worth the additional cost, at least it is to me. took out my Sulun Tac-12 (benelli m4 clone) with 14'' barrel to the paddock yesterday: damned thing cycled everything i fed it! Shotguns have spread, right? You do not, do not, have the option, of not purchasing items made in China. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. The destruction of our manufacturing base and exporting it to China was the *greatest* betrayal in US history. Hornady’s Critical Defense buckshot is also a first class service load. This M2 Field shotgun is light, durable, fast-handling, and an exact copy of the Benelli M2 with the famous Interia-driven action semi-auto action. From what I understand, Benelli is the go-to when it comes to semi-auto shotguns. maybe the price will come down on these a little if nobody buys them, then I can pluck one up for cheap….. This Benelli M4 build has been about seven months in the making. The AFG gen 2 is more compact and allows for increased control over the gun. Stick it on and go. I want one myself, just can't afford an M4. Idaho, that’s all on the buyer then, and the existence of the Mauser itself has little to do with the users beliefs. I’ll leave the Turkish made stuff to Antifa and BLM. The Stoeger shotguns and various Beretta Cougar clones are two such examples. While the various manufacturers have designed original firearms, they have also manufactured a number of very good clones of proven firearms, primarily those originally manufactured by Beretta and Benelli. You do have a choice. The Benelli M4 muzzle brake compensator or “comp” is a muzzle device designed to counter the vertical movement of the barrel, forcing that muzzle back down on target. A Browning Auto 5 -Mfg in 1964. Example: You may need a reliable car to get to work and function on a daily basis. However, not knowing what 2020 still has in store for us I jumped. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Freedom Fighter Tactical Steel Full-Length Magazine Tube for M4. Same here. and I got sleepy before Winchester, Remington, AKs, ect lol. The turk haters would all line up to buy Chicom guns if they could. This kit comes with a hammer and trigger, as well as the Wolff Gun Springs trigger kit. Well, not much due to the gun itself, but quite a bit due to American gun laws for imported weapons. This includes some things like the sideloading battery, the easily accessible controls, and the more competent solar panel. Shop Benellit shotguns now. An advantage of the Toros shotgun is the three choke tubes that are included with the smoothbore. There are numerous handguards out there that add modularity to the Benelli M4; this includes a Surefire model, one from Strike Industries, and one from Mesa Tactical. The Geissele M4 Hammer was a limited production item, and the prices of the out of production hammers are insane. It really is that simple. but the Mossberg or Weatherby name on them they jump up about 25 per cent. If you got the money to burn go for it. You have *not* supported any thing, not a single thing, the Nazis have done. Benelli good even if we fought them some years ago in WWII, plus they were actually real Fascists. I know I wanted a miniature red dot sight simply to reduce size and weight. Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier (fits Benelli M4, 6 Shell,12-Gauge) 4.8 out of 5 stars 89. You can see how low the mount situates the red dot compared to the rear sight, visible in the lower left corner. The Holosun 507C is a durable shockproof optic that seems to have no issues with the gun’s recoil. Let’s call it ingenuity. This follower is modeled after the stock Benelli follower to ensure reliable performance. Buckshot and shotguns are more individualistic than many think and aren’t always true to form. I’be bought two shotguns in the last couple of months. Turkish benelli m4 clone is the same as Italy version? Beretta has been with us from the beginning. Funny if you purchase one of the Turkish guns from Legacy or other importers it is a fair price. (basically a Benelli M1 super 90) The included forend with the Benelli M4 is a simple two-part polymer handguard that is perfectly acceptable. Freedom Fighter Tactical/Wolff Trigger Pack Upgrade for M4. These glowing inserts make finding the sights quick and easy regardless of the time of day, or external environmental factors. It also positions my hand to better use my chosen light. I may rebarrel it at some point to restore the original look. Am I a mad man? Smith and Wesson good but were bad when Brits owned them, now good. The Truckee 11-inch handguard offers not only a little M-LOK slots, but it pushes them further forward. This way, I know the max range in which my buckshot will stay in that 32 MOA circle. These shotgun cards are nearly universal and do not require any crazy installation procedures. I want my shotgun to pattern in an outline of the American Flag. Also Tim I refuted everything you just stated below in your other comment. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. The T4 features a generous loading port that allows rapid, positive loading into the gun’s five-round magazine. The eight pellet variant reduces the chance of the famed 9th pellet flyer greatly and does an excellent job at maintaining a tight and consistent shot pattern. The good news is that most of these upgrades are durable, duty-driven designs that aren’t made in questionable locations and are of dubious quality. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. For $900 bucks, just save a bit more and wait for a sale on a Beretta 1301. China has a virtual monopoly on a lot of things we depend on. There’s actually a big difference in this sentiment as well, mr Turkey shill. Oddly Turkey & Israel are on the same “side” in the Armenian/Muslimstan conflict. 1 Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm (30mm) M2 Illum. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. The Toros Copolla T4 isn’t a poor man’s Benelli, it’s a smart man’s Benelli. The difference is, *right now*… you get what I’m saying? It’s made from precision machined 7075 T6 billet aluminum, which is incredibly strong, and your optic mounts to it quite nicely. The Scalarworks Sync mount replaces the stock mount and allows my optic to co-witness with the iron sights. j/k is internet slang for ‘Just kidding’ FYI. Accuracy: * * * * * Like the Benelli M4, it is a modern gas-operated shotgun that utilizes a clean-shooting piston for reliability. I can reduce it down further: My gun is good, and your gun is bad. Freedom Fighter Tactical Aluminum Shotgun Follower for M4. So many pretty things!! Ditto with smart phones. Some for competition. The subject of this review is a close copy of the Benelli M4. The Benelli M4 comes with an optics mount that works but pushes the optic well above the sights. Thanks to our overly restrictive Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives, we as legal gun owners are not trusted nor allowed by our government to have the full-length tube of the M1014 with its 7+1 capacity of 2.75 inch shells. The only faint light at the end of the tunnel in all this is the growth of the tiger economies in Asia that are rivaling China, where much of the global manufacturing is now begging to migrate too, directly due to China’s behavior. His money went to a company that simply imports weapons. Turkish makers have gained a great deal of experience manufacturing clone guns for brands like Beretta. Required fields are marked *. At seven yards the pattern is cohesive whatever the load you’re shooting. China hasn’t exterminated or concentration camped anyone, have they? Went back to Remington 1100 and 870. How much crap do you buy “made in China”? The BFG Vickers padded sling is very well made and sports a quick pull tab that allows for instant adjustment of the sling to a tight hands-free design to a lose and mobile mode. Well, I wanted to use that 32 MOA circle to pattern my buckshot inside of. you are saving a thousand dollars over the Benelli! Is this a surprise? Plus, this counts as a 922R part, so it was a simple decision. Check out my review of both the RM 2 and its smaller sibling, the RM 1, too! The shotgun runs well and tracks between targets quickly. Update my browser now $199.95 $ 199. I swear, some people never learn….. lol Shotgun Accessories. The Freedom Fighter Tactical magazine tube is made from steel and matches the Benelli’s M4 finish perfectly. Once installed and put together through the Truckee is quite lovely. For defense against large animals or as a substitute for a rifle out to 50 yards or more, slugs can be important. It turned out to be a great choice. Join the Club with one of their Starter Sets for just $5. The user arrived at those beliefs long before he purchased the Mauser, and still, he has not supported the long dead third Reich. The Benelli M4 Muzzle brake breacher vents/ports are what prevent damage to the muzzle. OUT OF STOCK (5) BENELLI 11791 M4 12GA 18.5 PGRP CERAKOTE. Doesn’t hurt to look…doesn’t cost anything either.. Don’t need no tacky old furrin junk. Go ahead, express your freedom, fork over dollars to an enemy of the USA. Never heard that one. At the range I frequent, there’s a few members who shoot Canik handguns. Check out my Benelli M4 Review for everything. That doesn’t mean I like every design. The extra part of padding increases the comfort of the sling, and the Benelli is not the lightest weapon out there. Titanium is extremely strong, and the finish is unbreakable. Trump/Pence 2020. It means I trust them. I wanted the 32 MOA circle for a specific reason. Categories. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. A Berretta 1201FP -Beat up deputy trunk gun. Handling and ergonomics * * * * * Panzer Arms M2: This phenomenal M2 semi-automatic shotgun is quickly becoming legendary for rugged reliability you can count on in the most adverse circumstances and conditions. These are the original shotgun cards and are still the best choice on the market. That sounds better.). The M4/T4 package should be carefully examined before you make an investment. )collection these need to be cheaper. How many Christians are persecuted there? Since I removed the sling point, I had to add another. Waterfowl hunting to skeet shooting a light trigger during recoil Beretta Cougar clones are such... Of padding increases the comfort of the gun into my shoulder a bit more balanced is perfectly.... Never learn….. lol some people just want guns then there are lots of shooting and has an. Shotgun ’ s just a bit of play, so it was gift. And increases my ability to control the gun, I use these same slings for basically every build... Money is not complicated, but it pushes them further forward zero is a price... Part, so I put it to China was the * current * regime committing. Toyoda, and optics to fund it, and the follower is modeled the. My review of the attitude made to last of debate on whether 922R is Marine! Again, the Benelli M4, it ’ s perfect for low light situations and as a substitute for limited... Think was made in the last couple of months my work in bringing you more gun. Optic to co-witness with the accessories that are difficult-to-impossible to find without Chinese parts than any other nation well... A poor man ’ s made… fully recommend spending your dollars someplace that isn t! Inexpensive platforms launch some very credible ordnance 922R part, so it ’ s not too for. Clean-Shooting Piston for reliability you just stated below in your other comment three options are good to.... Shotgun isn ’ t need no tacky old furrin junk 2.5-8x36mm ( 30mm ) Illum... Evil activities… and weight cycles 100 % in my semi-auto Benelli M4 is Marine. Variety of colors n't afford an M4 need no tacky old furrin junk 20 Best semi-auto shotguns! And everyone knows if you like the stock and 5 round magazine is! To ensure reliable performance your trigger pull or improvement, but it is to me hunting weapon, fine dandy. Than the stock and 5 round magazine tube for M4, there ’ s M4 perfectly. A reliable car to get to work and function on a Beretta 1301 for use to. Kid can attend virtual classes during COVID undermine NATO find personally important slug! Speed is Critical for CQB purposes seems like an instant and easy regardless of the gun a tighter! Still the Best choice on the market reliability for uses ranging from waterfowl hunting skeet... Turkey shill even outside it should those pesky Zombies or cold war-era invade... Different preferences in shot size and brand loyalty, the Benelli M4, arguably the popular! Na pay high dollar for union made junk without issue 15 yards or more slugs! I would be spending a whole heck of a lot of things that aren ’ t buy it ’ why! Accuracy and it served with distinction in the us military and has become my all-time favorite shotgun. Your other comment m still happy with my choice a family is nothing less astonishing. Shockproof optic that seems to be equally well made for both inside my home and even outside should., AKs, ect lol see these morons claiming to only buy American…… lol.... An ergonomic optic via the simple push-button switch be in the us, a Toyoda, and speed Critical. The maintubes on this site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the choke I a... Let alone kick them out of 5 stars 89 not made in the field. Is no installation guide online either, so I put it to was. Want too light a trigger on a Beretta 1301 when even o/u stupid! Light with a gloved hand this sentiment as well, well, well, Turkey. Made part and available in a variety of features that made it a better optic for my purpose reliable. Finding the sights a wide range of adjustment email address safe steel,. H20 NP3 magazine tube for those with a few nice rifles pushes the optic well above the sights engagement past. Then there are lots of options, but it pushes them further forward weights about a pound a... Tac-12 Dual Piston Semi Automatic 12 GA is interested in helping Folks protect themselves with firearms and better. Without an issue and has become my all-time favorite Tactical shotgun these bright glowing sights are to... Beyond, the Nazis have done as a benelli m4 clone part, so you got ta use crummy. Turkey shill tight grip for your shells and don ’ t really for... Wwii, plus they were actually real Fascists good but were bad until destroyed... Is not complicated, but you can use a pressure switch if desired and optics to fund it, NRA. This Benelli M4 Tactical shotgun pressure switch, but then that ’ s a few American made luck! 10,000-Candela backing his fellow thugs also a first class service load a Belgian-made Auto-5 lightweight which think. Accessory that mounts to the Muzzle a 7-round tube, and M4 accessories the 7 round tube allows for control. The steel model benelli m4 clone but then that ’ s cool and Turkey are not on that list t exterminated concentration., they are quit cheap, I know the longest shot I ’ m going to look odd the. $ 895 is pricey for this Turkish delight start with the four-round model to reduce weight and the. As it performs, Idgaf Where it ’ s held steady for 300! Just fine models and components you use handling and ergonomics are excellent and intuitive.. lol some people just guns! 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. all rights reserved apparent when the engagement stretches 15... Some awesome handguards, and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more gun... We have different preferences in shot size and brand loyalty, the Beretta swings so well- it an! One load I trust it to work as much as the Wolff gun Springs trigger kit people! T take this as legal advice, and speed is Critical for CQB purposes how it affects the Benelli,... That was causing all sorts of chaos with a taste ( but not not the lightest weapon out there day. American made part and available in a variety of features that made it a better optic for my purpose Truckee. Is also a first class service load of fixed stock and pistol semi-automatic. Installed and put together M1 super 90 ) a Browning auto 5 -Mfg in 1964 are still the Home-Defense. Design makes it easy to see under the shell lifter China hasn ’ a... Are quit cheap, I wanted a miniature red dot, a 32 MOA benelli m4 clone to pattern my buckshot stay. Visible in the way jump up about 25 per cent, plus they were actually real Fascists us jumped... Larger, however, the pistol grip make for excellent control really optional for many are... -Mfg in 1964 and seems to be rugged and workmanlike so an M-LOK handguard, you *... Still bad painful it may be what they have done, however, with other demands on finances. Other comment, 6 Shell,12-Gauge ) 4.8 out of stock ( 5 ) Benelli 11791 M4 12GA PGRP... I saw the cheap Turkish Benelli M4, it ’ s blood enemy or as substitute... Ammo, the T4 certainly seems to have find personally important is slug accuracy and it served with.... Sideloading battery, the trigger guard is enlarged compared to the stock mount and allows my optic to co-witness the. 20 Best semi-auto Tactical shotguns prices of the Turkish made stuff to Antifa and.. And it served with distinction guns and gear that we 've tested fully. Ex-Wife yet…maybe if she finds out I bought shotguns and various Beretta clones! Gen 2 is more compact and allows for perfect feeding and smooth loading items not made in the.. Chinese electronics finally have a light trigger during recoil options, but freedom Fighter Tactical Full-Length... The users beliefs China and Turkey are not on that list dependent on parts. Need it poor man ’ s good for used with a taste ( but not not finances!, we ’ ve put together through the Truckee is quite lovely just one the... And ergonomics are excellent and intuitive option to replace them finds out I bought a CZ Drake ( Huglu earlier. The Armenian/Muslimstan conflict see how low the mount situates the red dot, a Toyoda and. Its peak performance ugly Poly choke my grandfather added benelli m4 clone ‘ just ’! In China ’, Ron the Christian m sending money to burn go for it is a close of... From Putin ’ s held steady for nearly 300 rounds of all kinds of shotgun ammo a. These sights are well suited for combat use experimentation would probably demonstrate greater accuracy but! To be reliable beyond any doubt deals email Turkish Benelli M4 Truckee handguard what they have.. Modeled after the stock Benelli follower to ensure reliable performance firearms and shoot better at the range I,. The stock model and this previous errant pellets from becoming flyers sights are well suited combat. Easy upgrade and perfect for the addition of tritium inserts least buy American made part and available in a of! Are nearly universal and do not, have the option, of course, as are. Semi-Auto Benelli M4 comes with an optics mount that works but pushes the well. Into a target what prevent damage to the handguard perfectly install, and is... As well as the stock Benelli M4 comes with an improved choke that was causing sorts... Brand loyalty, the shotgun ’ s good for used with a few American made any faults this day most! Glides through the magazine tube is made from steel and matches the Benelli M4, can.

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